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LAD Engineering provides several types of design services:

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Putting Your Electronic Control Designs on the Fast Track

LAD Engineering is the answer for all your electronic design needs. We have an experienced engineering team with in-depth microcontroller, mixed signal, RF, and analog expertise to deliver a turn-key electronic design according to your specifications.

We specialize in embedded and micro controller designs. Our embedded software engineers are experts in embedded system programming and micro controller software development. Our hardware engineers are experts in all aspects of an electronic design, including analog and mixed-signal design techniques.

Today's competitive market place demands ever faster product development cycles. By using a third party design house to outsource your electronic system developments, you can shorten your development time and beat your competition to market.

LAD Engineering would like to contract with you as your engineering consultant. Please email us, we will be happy to consult you on your outsourcing needs and provide you with a free quote.


Key Benefits of Contracting an Engineering Consultant


Electronic System Design Capabilities

System Specification  

LAD Engineering can assist you in defining and writing the specifications for the electronic system you want to develop. This task is done in cooperation with your engineers to assure that the outcome meets 100% of your requirements. We will recommend the electronic components to best fit your cost, functional  and performance targets.
Embedded Software Development
LAD Engineering has extensive micro controller software development expertise. We are not tied to any particular micro controller vendor and have development tools for a range of micro controllers, including, but not limited to PC based controllers, Microchip PIC micro controller families and Motorola 68HC11 family. We develop, test and debug the software according to a specification approved by you and we deliver the fully documented source code and test result documentation at the end of the project.
Hardware Development
Hardware development includes the design, layout and proto-type manufacturing of a printed circuit board (PCB) according to your system specification. By combining hard- and software development we are able to deliver you a turn-key reference design for your embedded control application, ready for production. LAD Engineering manages, if you wish, the entire process of getting that initial number of fully tested and assembled boards for field trials and customer evaluation delivered to your doorstep - whether it is 1 piece or 1000 pieces.


Get to market quicker than the competition.  Call us to discuss your development requirements.  Put our engineering experience to work for you.

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