Embedded Controller
Factory Automation


Need expert Factory Automation, Test System, or Custom Test Equipment (dedicated or PC based) design help?


Factory Automation Projects (pictures) ...

Key Benefits



Control Features
Pic and place robots
Automated Assembly and Testing Equipment
Motion control
Servo mechanisms
Laser trimming and testing
Low level analog data acquisition measurements
High Level Software Languages
C, C#
Visual C#
Toolbook Instructor
Project Management
Budget control
Integration of equipment from different vendors
Ease work load on existing managers

Client Reference List

BI Technologies
Automotive sensor durability tester
Product line linearity tester
Marking machine
Vishay Ltd
Potentiometer linearity testers
Laser potentiometer tailoring system
Spectrol Electronics
Assembly machines
Grinding machines
Linearity testers
End of Line testers
Automotive sensor trimming
Automotive sensor End of Line tester