Smallest Controller
Pc Linked Controller
Pc Central Software

LAD's standard controls offer savings in the development of custom systems.  Custom software can be written at a fraction of the cost of an entire control system development.  No hardware development costs are incurred!

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Smallest Microcontroller, PIC based controller with A/D ...

EZ-1 Control / Scada PC linked controller, Motorola 68HC11 based control system ...

Central Software
PC Central control system, central software ...

LAD's embedded systems allow you to focus on your product instead of technical details. Our versatile microcontrollers are supported by feature-rich C language and / or Microchip MPlab. With an extensive range of I/O peripherals, LAD provides all the necessary building blocks for embedded controller projects.

LAD's microcontrollers are ideal for projects requiring low power and small size (as small as 1.5" x 1"). Each microcontroller we offer has the features needed for embedded control, including:

  • Serial/development port(s)
  • Memory
  • LCD and keypad ports
  • Realtime Clock
  • Board level firmware production programming

You may also consider a custom solution to your exacting application requirements through our Design Services program. Either way, you will appreciate LAD's dedication to detail!