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Why should we consider having LAD Engineering do our project?

Most companies no longer have enough engineers to handle all of their projects "in house". It is also difficult to keep current on all of the technologies associated with processes and manufacturing. LAD Engineering has the staff and the expertise in motion control and machine automation to handle your project. You can consider us to be your engineering staff, and take advantage of our knowledge and experiences.

What makes LAD Engineering different from other System Integrators?

First is the quality of our people. Our engineers have a great deal of experience with motion control and machine automation. They are good at managing their projects, and communicating with the customers. They are also inventive, and often can help a customer find better and more efficient ways to solve application problems.

Second, we specialize. Motion control (the control of servomotors and linear systems) and precision electronic measurement are at the heart of almost everything that we do. Most system integrators come from a PLC background, which is great for process control and general I/O control applications, but relatively poor for applications requiring the control of motion, and fast, accurate, noise free measurements.

Third, LAD Engineering is also an integrator with previous experience of many of the control and measurement products that we will use. Our strategy has been to use the best products available.

What can we expect?

The success of a project depends on how well we meet your expectations. To do this, we will work with you to define what the acceptance criteria or specifications for the project will be. This defines exactly what you will expect of the project when it is complete. Another thing that we do is to keep you involved. Projects are always special - often something that has never been done before. We will need your expertise and involvement to make sure that the project is a success.

Why do your payment terms require advanced payment?

You should consider LAD Engineering as an extension of your company's engineering department. By having us involved in your project, you have access to and the benefit of our extensive experience with automation projects. When you do projects "in house", you pay the costs of materials, overhead and labor as the project progresses. When you have LAD Engineering involved with your project, our role is to contribute engineering and technical expertise - not financing. By funding the project as it progresses, you are also demonstrating your involvement in and commitment to the project. The fabricated equipment is often special to you, not returnable, and not usable by anyone else. That is why we expect to have you provide funds during the course of the project.

Can I just purchase parts and have you write the software?

Yes, with some exceptions. If we design, assemble and test a control system for a customer, we take responsibility for the correct operation of that system. That is what the customer pays for when we do the design. In a case where the customer does the design and assembly, that responsibility is now the customer's.

Often, we find that our task of writing software has to begin with the evaluation and trouble-shooting of the control system. If there is not a specification, then we expect that there will be several additions and changes made as the software is written. In these case, we will probably quote a "time and material" rate, and will not be able to provide a "fixed price" project quote.

We hope that we have the opportunity to work with you!