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LAD Engineering designs and develops custom embedded controller hardware and firmware for embedded control applications and Factory Automation equipment, including analog data acquisition and digital I/O.

We provide custom software / firmware solutions and consulting services for existing or previously developed hardware.

We provide electronic product design for embedded microprocessor products.

LAD is strategic partners with contract manufacturers, radio suppliers, tooling designers, and other engineering companies.

Our controllers can be linked via wire, modem, or RF radio to a personal computer to form a network control and data gathering system for the factory floor or the great outdoors.

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Our Mission

To provide our clients with custom designed controls to suit their individual application and requirements, and to support these controls for the lifetime of the product.

Company Profile

LAD Engineering was founded in 1988 to provide custom embedded control and / or factory automation solutions.

Key Personnel:

Larry Ducas -  Engineering director of LAD Engineering. Larry has over 20 years of electronic engineering experience including positions as chief engineer of Thompson Manufacturing and Calsense, Inc.

Conrad Lindberg - Senior engineer with 22 years experience. Conrad has special expertise in RF radio circuit design, power supply design, high volume PCB design, and high speed PCB board layout and design.

David Henry - Senior mechanical engineer with over 15 years of experience. David has expertise in 3D CAD / CAM design, and in applications from aerospace to consumer products.


Key Technology Overview:

LAD Engineering writes firmware and software in embedded C, Visual C#, Visual Basic, Toolbook Instructor, Windows C, Microchip PIC assembly, Microchip C, Raspberry PI, python, Motorola assembly, and many other languages.

LAD Engineering designs controllers utilizing various Microchip (PIC), Raspberry PI, and Motorola microprocessors.

LAD Engineering is a registered Microchip Consultant and specializes in designing with Microchip products.

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LAD Engineering designs PC based test and assembly factory automation systems linked to custom data acquisition systems and networked external controllers and PLC controls.

LAD Engineering provides total project management of the electronic design and development process.

LAD Engineering provides software / firmware maintenance and upgrades for existing or already developed hardware.

LAD Engineering has design capability in analog hardware, digital, and low level signal data acquisition and analog to digital (A/D) hardware design.